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Textile that is uniquely Malaysian that is handmade combining metallic threads interwoven with silk or cotton, that is worn by royalties and Malay warriors alike”

Songket is a piece of breathtaking traditional Malay fabric which belongs to the brocade group of textiles. It is woven in silk or cotton threads and the Songket patterns are formed by interlacing or interweaving gold or coloured metallic threads using the supplementary weft technique.

The combination of gold thread, intricate and vibrant designs form exquisite motifs which defined the uniqueness and beauty of Songket.  Traditionally, Songket is the fabric of choice by royalties in the making of traditional Malay attire in the form of 'Baju Melayu' and 'Baju Kebaya'.  More recently, Songket are normally worn during weddings by the bride and groom or at formal government functions.

The lustrous and shimmery glow of the songket never fails to cast its spell on both weaver and admirer.  Regarded as works of art, decorating hotels and homes, no other fabric in the world is held by such esteem by Malaysians who regard the songket as the 'King of Malaysian Textile'.