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From the unique Labu Sayong down to the highest quality Chinaware, Pottery and Ceramic products are sought after throughout the world”


The variety of Malaysian craft can be attributed to the availability of its natural resources. The abundance supply of clay from the river banks, and sand from the beaches across all states of Malaysia had elevated the creativity and innovation of Malaysian artisans to create unique ceramic and glass-based products that are world class.


Traditional ceramics refers to ceramic products that are produced from unrefined clay and combinations of refined clay and powdered or granulated non-plastic minerals.  The Labu Sayong of Perak (traditional water storage) and Sarawak vase are the most popular ceramic based product of Malaysia which has an attractive and unique shapes and designs which distinguish them from pottery and ceramic based products from other parts of the world.


Glass and crystal-based products are fragile yet evergreen and they have many uses apart from decorative purposes. Most modern Malaysian homes have a fusion of crystal and glass-based products for both decorative and functional purposes.


The technique of using a torch to melt and shape glass rods into beautiful and colourful ornaments or flame workings has caught on with Malaysian artisans. The combination of product versatility and artisan creativity have successfully churned out high quality glass crafts using the blowing and other methods. Colourful contemporary products including glass flowers, vases, table lamps, plates, bowls, bottles and others