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GM's Message





GM‘s Message






Dear Fellow Partners and Associates,

Having started our activities as a humble retail outlet for both locally and overseas handicrafts, our business operations have since expanded far beyond traditional trading activities to include regular and considerable promotional business functions including exhibitions, events, and road shows both locally and overseas. Here in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, the capital city is fast becoming an important gateway to the region as an international tourism and business hub, in tandem with the booming travel and tourism industry. Capitalizing on our extensive network of artisans and craftsmen around the nation, we are also working to forge strategic partnerships with the Government and other Malaysia-based companies to identify new business opportunities to tap on the thriving tourist and tourism related business to produce better quality designed products of international standards and demands.

The handicrafts of Malaysia are a national heritage that has been generated for many centuries by the local people living in the country. Based on creativity and talent, the local craftsmen have produced immense and extensive crafts that are often related to their religious and cultural background which are unique, amazing and exquisite reflecting the local richness and ethnic civilization of the communities that make up the country’s diverse population.

Based on our new Corporate Strategy for 2018, we would like to leverage on our competitive capabilities and strengths to develop new businesses and generate value for our partners and customers, focusing on developing the expertise of our pool of artisans and entrepreneurs. Corporate and customized orders are one of our main strength. We target to generate through gifts and souvenirs, and merchandises. With this in mind, we will also develop and gear up the business directions for the local crafts industry towards the achieving sustainable business value and growth.

Our business is always evolving, Malaysian handicrafts are being promoted through various platforms besides our online website such as Facebook and Instagram to reach wider audiences. We also seek new potential strategic partners here in Malaysia and around the globe, in order to create new business opportunities.

Rapid technological change and globalization will bring new challenges for our economy.  We at Karyaneka look forward to taking on new challenges in the future with the continued support and blessings of our customers and business partners.



Malaysian Craft At Its Best

Norizmah Mustafa

General Manager

Syarikat Pemasaran Karyaneka Sdn. Bhd.